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  • Beautiful Samples Made by Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

    Beautiful Samples Made by Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

    Our Ultrasonic Quilting Machine is widely used for following fields: 1.bed covers, bedspreads, 2.pillowcases, quilt covers, Summer quilt, 3.sofas, car mats, and bags , 4.Mattress 5.garments etc Samples show:
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  • Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

    Our ultrasonic quilting machine is the first generation of our home-made ultrasonic machine and ideal equipment for the laminated layers bonding of all chemical fiber textiles, operating on the ultrasonic principle without the requirement of any needlework.  Its suitable for composite material, t...
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  • How to maintenance hydraulic die cutting press machine

    1.Three daily inspections are required: 1) Before working, check whether the fastening connection of each part of the drilling rig is reliable; 2) During the work, it is necessary to comprehensively observe whether there is oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, electricity leakage, etc.; 3) Af...
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  • Semi/Automatic Feeding Foam Cutting Machine

    It’s widely used in various fields,such as foam, leather, rubber, sponge,EVA, PVC, car cushion,felt,home textiles, synthetic materials,packaging materials, non woven, carpet,blister packaging,sandpaper,medicine,PP,PE,EPE,EPP,EPS,rubber,protective clothing, film, jigsaw puzzle, chocolate, filter m...
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  • Application for Clicker Press in the World in Different Industries.

    1.Leather die cutting machine: Hydraulic die cutting press or cutting machine, or just named press, many names in different countries, is not very popular in some industries, except leather cutting industry. Anyway, the clicker press or other cutting press is developed b...
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