• 27T Large Hydraulic Swing Arm Clicker Press Machine

    27T Large Hydraulic Sw...

    PRODUCT FEATURES ★ Unique hydraulic system with quick speed, low noise and low oil temperature during cutting process. ★ It is easy and safe to operate and it is especially applicable for cutting of genuine leather. ★ The stroke controlled by two cutting styles, which enables people use the machine easily. ★ The selection is the most convenient, and the pressure is sufficient, any soft material can be cutted.It is Suitable for cutting small area of non-metallic ma...

  • Single side automatic feeding four column cutting press

    Single side automatic ...

    PRODUCT FEATURES ★ Single side auto feeding cutting machine is widely used in a variety of industry molding die for all kinds of non-metallic materials cutting work. ★ Double cylinder, precision four-column double crank connecting rod balance structure, to ensure that each cutting position of the same depth of the cut. ★ Unique set structure, with the cutting knife and cut the depth of the set, so that stroke adjustment is simple and accurate. ★ Cut the pressure p...

  • 80T Automatic roller feeding cutting press machine

    80T Automatic roller f...

    PRODUCT FEATURES ★ The double oil cylinders work at the same time, and the precision four-column automatic balance mechanism ensures that the accuracy of each pressing position is controlled within 0.1mm. The oil cylinder of this machine adopts the overflow cylinder, which has good pressure stability and fast movement speed. ★ Man-machine interface, PLC programmable control, automatic feeding mechanism, fault display information, convenient for machine maintenance, and increase work effi...

  • 35T Sliding table automatic feeding travel head cutting press

    35T Sliding table auto...

    PRODUCT FEATURES ★ Double cylinder, precision four-column double crank connecting rod balance structure, to ensure that each cutting position of the same depth of the cut. ★ The automatic lubricating system ensures machine precision and prolongs service life. ★ PLC program control center is provided with memory function for the settings of operation  instructions,which are not influenced in case of power failure or power-cut after work,so as to facilitate operation for ...

  • Automatic Ultrasonic Quilting Machine  For Sale

    Automatic Ultrasonic Q...

    Product description Its widely used for car seat covers, luggage handbags, footwear shoes, clothing coat, children jacket, pillow, quilt, mattress, bed cover, cushion pillow, table mats, table cloth, curtain, shower curtain, cold gloves, baby mat, moisture urinal pad, home decorative supplies, wardrobe, incorporating storage, tents, wardrobe, washing machine covers, mummy bag, blanket, cosmetic bags, suit cover, bed cabinet, sauna kits cover, shoes , PVC pool bottom, etc. Note: natural m...

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    13 years experience
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    More than 35 countries
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    More than 2 billion



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Established in 2008, Yancheng Jeakar International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng of Jiangsu Province China, JEAKAR Machinery is a leading company in top quality hydraulic die cutting press machine, laminating machine ,ultrasonic quilting machine and other relative machine in China.

Jeakar Machinery takes the quality as soul of our company ,we believes in “leading technology, quality first,excellent after service” and is always committed to providing customers with high-quality products and meritorious services to meet different customers’s requirement.


Service First

  • Beautiful Samples Made by Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

    Our Ultrasonic Quilting Machine is widely used for following fields: 1.bed covers, bedspreads, 2.pillowcases, quilt covers, Summer quilt, 3.sofas, car mats, and bags , 4.Mattress 5.garments etc Samples show:

  • Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

    Our ultrasonic quilting machine is the first generation of our home-made ultrasonic machine and ideal equipment for the laminated layers bonding of all chemical fiber textiles, operating on the ultrasonic principle without the requirement of any needlework.  Its suitable for composite material, t...