Process characteristics of travel head  cutting machine: In addition to natural leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, fiber fabric and other materials are also widely used in the materials of shoe parts. Because these materials have uniform texture and regular shape, there is no need to strictly select materials during cutting, and multi-layer cutting can be conducted at the same time. The travel head  cutting machine is designed and manufactured according to this process feature. In order to meet the needs of multi-layer cutting, the shoe making machine can also be configured with an automatic feeding mechanism according to the material status, so that multi-layer materials can be stacked together and enter the workbench, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The travel head  cutting machine has fixed and lifting travel head  type, manual and automatic punch type. The model of automatic punch can fix the cutter die on the cutting plate, and the computer control system is used to program the left-right reciprocating motion of the cutter die on the beam and the automatic feeding motion of the feeding mechanism, so as to realize cutting automation. The procedure of automatic cutting is: when the punch moves one die width to the left (or right) and punches to the end of the worktable (or raw material), the punch automatically feeds one die length and moves in the opposite direction and punches. In actual production, automatic cutting technology is seldom used, and manual feeding machine is still widely used.

Structure and performance of travel head  cutting machine: the shoe making machine is mainly consist of hydraulic transmission mechanism, oil cylinder synchronization mechanism, beam and punch mechanism, stroke control mechanism, etc. The hydraulic transmission mechanism is mainly composed of oil tank, oil pump motor, electromagnetic follow-up reversing valve, cutting cylinder and other hydraulic components. The hydraulic control system adopts the following technology and differential speed increasing circuit, so that the power of the motor is only. The electromagnetic follow-up reversing valve controls the simultaneous action of four oil cylinders to drive the cutting movement of the lifting beam. In order to ensure the consistency of motion of the four oil cylinders, the machine is equipped with a toothed plate synchronous mechanism. The oil cylinder synchronization mechanism is connected with the piston rod of the four oil cylinders by four tooth plates respectively, and the tooth plates are meshed with each other to form a whole movement, so that the four oil cylinders can maintain the same speed regardless of the load when moving, so as to achieve the goal of driving the smooth cutting movement of the beam. The crossbeam and punch mechanism are composed of crossbeam, oil cylinder piston rod, sliding punch, etc. The piston rods of the four oil cylinders are respectively fixed at the four corners of the beam to support and drive the beam movement. The rolling bearing on the punch drives the punch to slide left and right on the beam guide rail, and the punch is made of aluminum alloy, so that the punch can be operated easily and flexibly. When punching shoes, the upper plane of the punch shall be parallel to the plane of the beam guide rail, the plane of the knife die edge and the plane of the workbench, so as to ensure the uniformity of the force on the knife die and the punching quality of shoes. Turn the handwheel manually to control the mechanical reversing of the electromagnetic reversing valve, so that the distance between the beam and the workbench can be adjusted, and keep the balance between the upper and lower oil cavities of the oil cylinder so that the beam is at the adjusted height. The stroke control mechanism is composed of a handle, a fine adjustment button on the handle, a stroke fine adjustment knob, and a control element in the electric control box. When cutting, as long as the two handed joystick and the upper button are used, the beam and punch will quickly punch down. Once cutting is completed, the beam and punch will return to the upper limit position. The precision of fine adjustment control stroke makes it convenient and accurate to punch shoes with different thicknesses. The adjustment and use of the machine is basically the same as that of the hydraulic swing arm cutting machine.

Post time: Nov-24-2022