Precausions for Four Column Hydraulic Cutting Press

With more than 20 years experiences on hydraulic cutting press ,We win good reputation from our customer all over the world with high quality and good after-sale service . We take the quality as the soul of our company . So our cutting press is sold very well all over the world,such as USA ,Canada, UK, France , Romania,Russia ,India ,Japan ,Turkey and so on .
And we always remind our customer to do good operation on our machines in safety condition and make machine with long use lifetime. So pls check following some precautions when you operate our cutting press.
Four-column hydraulic cutting press, it is widely used in the cutting process of shoes, leather goods, foam, handbags, luggage, blister, toys, sports goods, automotive supplies, EVA and other industries.

Precautions for four-column hydraulic cutting press:
1. When replacing the four-column hydraulic cutting press with a new cutter, if the height is different, please reset it according to the setting method.
2. If the operator needs to leave the position temporarily, be sure to turn off the motor switch before leaving, so as not to damage the machine due to improper operation by others.
3. Please avoid overloading to avoid damaging the machine and reducing its service life.
4. When working, the cutter should be placed in the center of the upper pressure plate as far as possible to avoid wear on the one side of the machine and affect its life.
5. When setting the cutter, be sure to release the setting handwheel first, so that the setting rod can touch the cutting point control switch, otherwise, when the cutter setting switch is turned to ON, the set action cannot be generated. .
6. When the four-column cutting press is cutting, please keep your hands away from the cutting knife or chopping board. It is strictly forbidden to touch the knife mold with your hands to avoid danger.

Post time: Nov-22-2021