Application for Clicker Press in the World in Different Industries.

1.Leather die cutting machine:
Hydraulic die cutting press or cutting machine, or just named press, many names in different countries, is not very popular in some industries, except leather cutting industry. Anyway, the clicker press or other cutting press is developed by leather cutting.But, swing arm cutting press or clicker press is more popular, while other "clicker press" of four column post cutting press is not. But, as the "developed version", the beam cutting press is wider in applications.Also, for leather or fabric cutting, beam cutting press, travelling head cutting press, receding head cutting press is well known too.

2.Shoe die cutting machine :
We often choose the swing arm clicker press and automatic traveling head cutting press when do shoe materials cutting with small die cutting .For swing arm clicker press ,machine structure is very simple,and its easy to operate ,Also for automatic traveling head cutting press ,we can make the rotate head which can avoid to waste the materials .People often choose this type,also its very efficiency and convenient.

3.Blister die cutting machine:
Hydraulic Roller die cutting machine is the key machine in blister die cutting, while in India, America, the blister die cutting, the hydraulic die cutting machine is not involed in blister die cutting deeply. While Thailand, Vietnam, Malasia etc. south east Asia countries use hydraulic cutting machines much. We have a bundle of users in those countries above.

4.Sponge die cutting machine:
While the cutting press is cutting the sponge sheet into small pieces. You have to use vertical cutting machine to sliting the sponge or foam sheet, then use the die cutting machien to cut it into small pieces. The hydraulic die cutting machine can die cut the line straightly with high output. What's more, it can cut the sheet into different shape by the cutting mold.

Post time: Nov-22-2021